Cafe Jubilee

Why Franchise?

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a new opportunity or an existing caterer with an established operation and a network of reliable suppliers, becoming a Café Jubilee franchisee offers you:

    • A proven assisted catering business system in the form of a complete café/bistro concept
    • The opportunity to form part of a franchise system with a long and consistently successful track record
    • The expertise, experience and commitment of the highly-qualified franchisor team
    • The knowledge that you can successfully replicate the concept
    • The benefit of utilising fully developed sets of policies and procedures honed over several years thereby reducing the risk of failure
    • The assurance that you have a serious, knowledgeable and dedicated franchisor to offer full support in all preparatory and operational aspects of the business
    • A fully integrated billing and management system
    • A system that has generated continuous positive results and unique return-on-investment since 1988
    • A combination of known international and focused local dishes
    • A collection of globally recognised drink brands supplemented by your choice of national beverages
    • Continuous system and product development


  • Café Jubilee has found a niche……..and filled it!
  • It provides a holistic brand that appeal to a wide variety of age groups, incomes and attitudes
  • It stimulates and caters for the 5 senses
  • It delivers a high level of customer-oriented service
  • Our cafes are homely, secure, comforting and consistent!

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