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Initial Franchise Costs Explained

Whilst it is difficult to determine the exact level of investment required in different markets, in our experience each franchise business will incur estimated set-up costs of approximately 150,000 to 300,000Euros

This figure includes the franchise fee, equippment, fixtures, fittings, training and all the necessary working capital to successfully establish the business.

There is a negotiable ongoing royalty fee depending the level of support services.


The foregoing has been just an idea of what the Café Jubilee concept is about and what the requirements of a potentially successful franchisee would be.
If this has stimulated your curiosity and sowed a seed of ambition in your heart you should download the Franchisee Application Form fill the required details and send it to us.
The completed form would be your key to realising a dream and making it a very successful reality
CJ will assess your application and will contact you for a meeting in Malta to experience first hand the concept prior to final approval

You have shown considerable interest to have arrived so far. The future is in your hands. There are three types of individuals – those who make thing happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened – which one will YOU be?

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