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Café Jubilee opens new outlet in Gzira

Café Jubilee opened the doors to its new outlet in The Strand, Gzira yesterday making it the third outlet in the successful chain of bars.

Jubilee first opened in Gozo in 1998 which was followed in 2000 by its Valletta operation. The highly popular string of bars is run by Alex, Anthony and Mario Scicluna.

Alex Scicluna offered further insight into Jubilee concept: ‘We have always tried to treat Jubilee as much more than a place to drink and eat. Jubilee is part of a lifestyle for people who like to relax, have fun and enjoy themselves. We pride ourselves for our menu and choice of beverages, but more than that, we really are focused on ensuring our clientele have a fantastic experience inside all of our Café Jubilee outlets.’

He continues: ‘We always intended to grow the Jubilee brand and by opening in Gzira we are offering the opportunity for regular clients to choose a new venue and also open our doors to new customers who have not yet been to the Gozo or Valetta venues.’

Following the successful launch of the Café Jubilee 2006 Calendar a few weeks ago, this new outlet in Gzira places Café Jubilee firmly on the map as one of the most successful bars and restaurants on the Islands.

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