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Fish Farm Project Starts in June

Villagers in a remote part of Guatemala will receive much needed protein for their diet when a fish farm funded partly by Cafe Jubilee starts operating in October. The fish farm is a dream come true for Fr. Anton Grech, a young Gozitan priest who has been working in San Miguel Chaparron, A municipality in Guatemala for over six years.

Excavation work has already started and next month a group of Maltese volunteers will be flying over to help complete the project.

The fish farm will spawn tilapia, an indegenous and sturdy fish which is easy to reproduce under local conditions and is most resistant species to low oxygen levels and disease. Backen by the expertise of Carmelo Agius, an international aquaculture consultant, Fr. Anton is eager to get the project up and running in this remote, inland village.This project is expected to serve as amodel for similar developments in a country ehere aquaculture technology is virtually non existent.

As the quantity of water can be rather restrictive during the dry season, which lasts two to three months, it is intended that the fram will produce 50 metric tonnes of tilapia per year in the initial phase. Once the project os fully operational, it can be expanded by introducing water-recycling technology, which could double and even treble the production.

The farm will not only provide the villagers with the necessary fish protein, but also create a substantial number of jobs and spin off business activity

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