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Fresh New Look for Cafe Jubilee Menu

A new menu has just been launched by Café Jubilee in Malta and Gozo. Besides retaining several of the well known and favourite dishes of its customers, including the famous Nanna’s Ravioli®, new dishes have been introduced. As always, the emphasis is on sourcing the freshest organic produce available, supplemented by fine local and imported condiments.


For the Early Bird, the breakfast menu has been expanded and now includes freshly-baked croissants with a variety of savoury and sweet fillings. For the health-conscious, there are fresh fruit salads served with yoghurt and a variety of wholemeal and multigrain Breads have been introduced. The latter come with a vast range of exciting and exotic filling combinations


The Salads section and the Pasta sauces have been overhauled with old favourites rubbing shoulders with fresh innovative ideas, while several Desserts have been added to the iconic Café Jubilee apple pie.


This new menu is the result of months of collecting feedback from patrons as well as the input of an international celebrity chef. Come and try it for yourself!!

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