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Café Jubilee will be opening its first overseas outlet in Budapest, Hungary by the end of this year.

The venture will be carried out in a strategic partnership and joint venture with Corinthia Group and is set to position the Café Jubilee brand on the international map jointly with a company who has long international experience, with an outlet that reflects the brand experience which has made Cafè Jubilee so successful in Malta and Gozo.

"2009 marks the tenth anniversary of Café Jubilee and we are very proud that our journey which started in Victoria, Gozo just 10 years ago, has now taken us to mainland Europe. Of course, Budapest is our first breakthrough overseas and a very important milestone in our history and we are indeed thankful to Alfred Pisani, Chairman and CEO of the Corinthia Group for giving us this remarkable opportunity in opening our first international outlet in a property owned by Corinthia Group. However, our plans are bigger and we would like to see the Café Jubilee brand spreading in more countries," said Alex Scicluna, director of Cafè Jubilee.

The site for the new bistro pub in Budapest is a corner property located in the heart of the city on one of the main thoroughfares. The project is expected to be completed within the next few months after the complete refurbishment of the existing building, with an official opening earmarked for the end of this year.

Mr Pisani exressed his admiration for the drive, enthusiasm and commitment shown by Mr Scicluna and explained that this was what prompted Corinthia to support Cafe Jubilee's move outside our Islands. He also expressed his hope that this experience will be repeated in other European cities. Mr Scicluna paid tribute to Corinthia's knowledge and expertise in penetrating overseas markets and stated that this would be an unparallelled aset for Cafe Jubilee. He also acknowledged the continuous support from Malta Enterprise

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