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Press Release - This Easter at Jubilee Foods

Orders open for Easter sweets at Jubilee Foods
Jubilee Foods, a brand extension of Café Jubilee, is now taking orders for a range of traditional Easter sweets. The seasonal delicacies on offer this year include the well-loved Figolla and Kwarezimal, which were so well received last year. This year, Jubilee Foods is also adding Karamelli (Carob Syrup sweets) to the selection.

Kwarezimal remain an extremely popular treat during the forty days of Lent. Jubilee Foods chefs have prepared them according to the traditional recipe using a delicious concoction of almonds, sugar, cinnamon and citrus fruit rinds. This year the bite-sized specialties are available in bags of 270g (approx. 12 pieces) to be enjoyed with family and friends over coffee after a meal, or as a treat during the day.

Last year's popular Jubilee Foods Figolli are back following great demand. This year, Figolli will be offered in two different shapes each carefully handmade prepared using a delicate sweet pastry and a thick layer of pure almond filling. The Easter Egg shaped Figolla, covered in chocolate and decorated with icing, is available in standard size, 750g approx whilst the Lamb shaped Figolla is covered and decorated in icing and is available in two different sizes, 450g and 750g.

Jubilee Foods is once again, offering customers an opportunity to personalise their Figolli upon special request.

"All the Easter specialties we offered last year turned out to be extremely popular. From feedback gathered from our regulars and from our experience last year, ours are the most sought figolli for their quality. We do not mass produce these figolli, but we carefully hand made each one according to our customers' request. So this year we are accepting orders earlier to avoid disappointing people", said Ruth Camilleri, General Manager of Jubilee Foods.

Those who wish to experience the Jubilee Foods figolla will need to order it beforehand preferably. Karamelli and Kwarezimal are now available in all shops.

These Easter delicacies make a delicious and original gift, perfect for those who appreciate genuine, artisan food prepared according to the Maltese and Gozitan tradition.

All 3 Jubilee Foods outlets in Ibragg, Victoria Gozo and also at Pavi Shopping Complex in Qormi have been designed for a shopping experience that takes patrons on a nostalgic journey back to their roots with a selection that includes traditional Maltese and Gozitan dishes whose recipes have been handed down from generation to generation.

Jubilee Foods offers all those aficionados of genuine food an entire range of artisan cook-at-home foods.

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