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Franchising Opportunity


Café Jubilee was established in 1998. It is the first chain of café/bistro in Malta to be totally conceived locally and to successfully stand the test of time. Café Jubilee now aims to go one step further – to become Malta’s first business format franchisor looking to export the concept backed by the well defined and successful business format and systems to international markets.


Café Jubilee is now looking to expand its existing operation through new strategic partnerships.

We are looking for regional leaders with a strong demonstrable track record of success who can recognize an exceptional business opportunity and who have the depth of talent and sufficient financial resources to drive dynamic business growth.

By becoming a Café Jubilee franchisee, you will be in an enviable position to satisfy your clients with high quality food and drink in a unique homely environment that they can relate to.

This you can achieve by using our tried-and-tested formula, our brand image, our knowledge, and all our industrial and intellectual property rights and build a solid and loyal client base that will look upon your café/s as a cozy haven they can rely on.


Eating out has become a necessity for some, while always remaining a very agreeable form of entertainment for most of us. Today’s diners-out, however, are becoming much more discerning and the Café Jubilee concept has been developed with the more sophisticated, yet regular, diner in mind.


Why Franchise?

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a new opportunity or an existing caterer with an established operation and a network of reliable suppliers, becoming a Café Jubilee franchisee offers you:

    • A proven assisted catering business system in the form of a complete café/bistro concept
    • The opportunity to form part of a franchise system with a long and consistently successful track record
    • The expertise, experience and commitment of the highly-qualified franchisor team
    • The knowledge that you can successfully replicate the concept
    • The benefit of utilising fully developed sets of policies and procedures honed over several years thereby reducing the risk of failure
    • The assurance that you have a serious, knowledgeable and dedicated franchisor to offer full support in all preparatory and operational aspects of the business
    • A fully integrated billing and management system
    • A system that has generated continuous positive results and unique return-on-investment since 1988
    • A combination of known international and focused local dishes
    • A collection of globally recognised drink brands supplemented by your choice of national beverages
    • Continuous system and product development


  • Café Jubilee has found a niche……..and filled it!
  • It provides a holistic brand that appeal to a wide variety of age groups, incomes and attitudes
  • It stimulates and caters for the 5 senses
  • It delivers a high level of customer-oriented service
  • Our cafes are homely, secure, comforting and consistent!




Franchisee Requirements

Based on our own experience, we look for individuals who are successful, ambitious, energetic, motivated – natural leaders who are comfortable in setting and achieving demanding targets for themselves and their businesses.

They will ideally have a winning way with people and come to care about this concept which has unlimited potential
Most of all they must understand the importance of the first-class dining experience, where all-round customer service is the key to their business success

The individual qualities we look for:

  • A strong knowledge and awareness of the local market, both commercial and real estate in the delineated territory – this gives the edge over the competition
  •   Access to the financial resources to develop and then continue to support the Café Jubilee franchise business on an on-going basis
  • Access to relevant banking, taxation and legal matters
  • A proven ability to appoint and lead a team to assist in achieving the stated objectives and ensure business success
  • An astute business mind
  • A strong sales and marketing focus to build the brand and establish its leading presence in the marketplace

The ideal franchisee will be:

  • An enterprising business leader looking for new commercial challenges             or
  • Someone with a track record of running successful businesses
  • Committed to delivering a fast-track return on investment via the rapid development of the café business
  • A competent communicator with excellent presentation and people skills, comfortable in the company of people from all walks of life
  • Able to cope with the constantly-changing needs of the customer, adapting to their expectations and demands whilst working under pressure and unsociable hours.


A Successful Partnership


YOUR LOCAL KNOWLEDGE – at Café Jubilee we know that it is the strength and success of our strategic partners that makes all the difference. It is for this reason that we believe that your business acumen and local knowledge, together with our proven system will be a formidable partnership .A winning formula for success for you and your business, as part of our business that continues to grow from strength to strength

OUR EXPERTISE –  You will be able to draw upon all our expertise and success:

  • Experience which, supporting your hard work, will help you achieve a high level of business success and place you in profit in the shortest possible time frame
  • Experience that has earned us our reputation in Malta.
  • Experience that continues to keep us ahead of the competition.
  • Experience that has given our brands the highest exposure in Malta.

Franchisee Support


As your committed partner, it will be our mission to bring you unbeatable support to enable you and your business to excel in you local market and today’s fast-moving global economyFrom day one, we will support you with:

    • A proven and tested concept.
    • Full support in area identification and site location.
    • A complete store design and development package.
    • Fully developed sets of policies and procedures honed over several years thereby reducing the risk of failure.
    • A fully integrated billing and management system.
    • A definite contract for 7years with automatic renewal for another 5years (subject to fulfilling definite criteria).
    • A system that has generated continuous positive results and unique consistent return-on-investment.
    • Continuous system and product development.