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The Foods

Shut the door behind you on the bustle of the street, and sit down to contemplate the culinary delights awaiting you: delicious salads and soups, sandwiches and pastas, and delectable deserts. All made with only the finest ingredients. Café Jubilee prides itself in offering traditional Mediterranean, mouth watering, wholesome food at affordable prices.

Only the freshest vegetables and breads, the highest quality meats and cheeses, and the finest wines are served at Café Jubilee. Spices and herbs are carefully selected, and foods seasoned, so as to enhance the natural aroma and flavour of ingredients. Foods are tastefully arranged in ample portions on platters and plates to please the eye as well as the palate.

For an-only-at-Café-Jubilee experience we suggest you try our soups. We have hot and cold soups, made from a wide variety of vegetables, meats, fowl, and fish. Some soups are so filling and nourishing, that served with Maltese bread, they make a meal.

We also have mouth-watering, home-made apple and pecan pies. And ice creams, to eat alone or in combination, or perhaps to top off the pies.

The Music

Music has that special element – it grabs a hold of the soul and gives one a sense of peace and freedom within themselves.

We have blues to help you control the ups and cope with the downs of life, and jazz to jolt you into life, wake you up, make you want to live. And ethnic music for that exotic touch.

Close your eyes and listen to the sob, squeak, squeal of the strings, the bleat, blast, blare of the horns, and the thunder, thump, throb of the drums. Background soft during the day; foreground vibrant in the evening.

Let the music transport you to other countries and cultures, while you stay in cosmopolitan Café Jubilee.


CJ was established in 1998 with the purpose of offering its customers simple, yet mouthwatering dishes and well-renowned brands of drinks in an efficient way within an environment resembling the Golden Era. CJ has managed to replicate to the minutest detail the décor usually associated with the 1920`s and 1930`s in Western Europe. Its informal yet stylish and relaxed period atmosphere with rich glowing wood and brass lights offer a unique feeling of warmth and intimacy. The choice of background music echoes the Continental atmosphere with Boulevard music played throughout the day, whilst more sophisticated latest pop music provides an appropriate ambience for late night customers . The Bric-a-Brac on the upper shelf and the intentionally mismatched frames with period small pictures on the wall give the impression that the Café has been in operation for decades.